A Greens initiative for people living with a disability that celebrates ability by improving access and services for all WA people living with a disability deserve access to all areas of life. Long waiting lists and a lack of choice have prevented WA people from working, living and socialising – on their terms.


For many WA people, being denied access to the benefits of the disability reform that the rest of the country will share is a huge disappointment. Although the WA Government has now begun to indicate that it might be willing to join the National Disability Insurance Scheme, WA is a long way behind those states who are preparing to roll out launch sites on July 1, 2013.


The WA Greens know that a stepping stone towards inclusion in the national disability reform package (the NDIS) is the introduction of a no-fault insurance scheme in WA.  A no-fault insurance scheme is an important pre-requisite for WA's participation in the NDIS. The first states to roll out NDIS launch sites are those that have committed to put in place no-fault insurance schemes. The WA Government has previously promised to begin work on a no-fault scheme for motor vehicle accidents. But on Friday they indicated that we will need to wait at least another 12 months to finish even scoping this work. The ALP have been equally vague about the timelines and emphasised the difficulty of the task ahead.


WA people deserve:

• a firm commitment to the principles of no-fault insurance as part of the broader reform that can deliver proper funding, choice and control to everyone who needs it, now and in the future.

• a timeline for action

• a commitment to fund the scheme properly

The Greens will push to ensure that a no-fault insurance scheme is introduced within the first 12 months of the new Government and is both comprehensive and properly funded, so that WA’s participation in the NDIS is not delayed.





Authorised by Chris Dickinson & Adam Duncan, the Greens (WA), Ground Floor 445 Hay St Perth