The Greens 2029 Perth Bike Plan proposes to make Perth the world's best city for cyclists. With just 3% of the State transport budget, plus contributions from federal and local governments, we can fill the massive gaps in the bike network, introduce a long-overdue maintenance budget and make our bike network one that really works.

"Every time I see an adult on a bicycle,

I no longer despair for the future of the human race"

HG Wells




The Bike Vision plan would result in around 6600km of safe, separated bike lanes and paths that cover 50% of Perth by the year 2029. We can make cycling safe enough so that parents feel comfortable allowing their kids to ride to school, and we don’t lose a whole generation to the joy of bikes.

We can provide better facilities for bike riders, like end of trip facilities, bike hire schemes and better links and integration with public transport. We can support all this with a comprehensive suite of education, promotion and safety programs, and enforcement measures to back them.



It’s time we made cycling safe


The Greens have a plan that will transform Perth into a city that is a truly safe and enjoyable place to ride a bike.


Just imagine:

• a total of 300km of Principal Shared Paths – bike freeways that are not shared with pedestrians

• a total of 2000km of local bike routes – well marked, safe ‘bike boulevards’ on our local streets

• a new network of 1800km of safe routes to every school, railway station and employment hub

• a new network of 2000km protected Crosstown Bike Paths that enable cyclists to travel anywhere to anywhere in Perth

• a new network of 120km of Greenways linking to urban bushland, wetlands and recreational areas


Investment in cycling infrastructure doesn’t just serve those who cycle – it serves the whole community by reducing the congestion on our roads, over crowding on public transport and relieving our health system by making us healthier. The Greens 2029 Perth Bike Plan shows how we can make Perth one of the best cities in the world for bikes. At present, Perth is following some of the world’s worst practice for cycling and as a result, we have seen a negligible increase in the rate of cycling over the past five years. But if we urgently adopt the world’s best practice for safe, separated


What will it cost?


The cost of the Greens 2029 Perth Bike Plan is $76.91m a year to 2029. The Australian Greens propose a $80m national cycling infrastructure fund as part of the Federal Budget, which would provide $8m to WA.

We propose that just 3% of the state transport budget - that’s $64 million - be assigned to cycling infrastructure in WA. Local government would be encouraged to spend $5 per rate payer per year on cycling infrastructure in your local area. This relatively modest investment from all three levels of government will transform Perth and the quality of life for all by 2029. If you think cycling matters, stand with us as we stand up for building a better bike network.



Authorised by Chris Dickinson & Adam Duncan, the Greens (WA), Ground Floor 445 Hay St Perth