Our south-west forests

The Greens (WA) Future Forests initiative will see native forests in the South‐West of the state protected from logging, with plantation and farm forestry grown to a thriving industry.


The Greens believe that there are unacceptable environmental, health, security and social costs associated with every facet of the nuclear industry. We believe that alternatives to nuclear energy exist today which make the nuclear power industry obsolete.


The Greens believe that Western Australia does not need a gas fracking industry to secure energy for the future and call for a moratorium on gas fracking, at least until the WA government’s inquiry into its impacts is complete.


Save our sharks

Sharks are an essential part of the marine ecosystem. The cruel and unnecessary WA shark cull, and the federal Environment Minister's misuse of the EPBC Act, pose a threat to vulnerable species and marine life.


Perth Greenways

The Greens propose to introduce a new network of protected regionally significant natural habitats linked together with a new ‘urban forest’ that will be within walking distance to all of Perth’s residents, increasing our contact with nature, and our protection of places that are too precious to lose.

Authorised by Jess McColl & Trish Cowcher, the Greens (WA), Ground Floor 445 Hay St Perth