Access all areas

A Greens initiative for people living with a disability that celebrates ability by improving access and services for all WA people living with a disability deserve access to all areas of life.

Increasing Newstart

The Greens have the guts to be the voice of Australia's poorest families. Our plan for a caring Australia puts the needs of people in poverty ahead of billionaire mining companies.

We won't turn our back on mental health

People with serious mental illness are among the most vulnerable people in our community. They are being failed because successive State governments have not invested in the necessary facilities and services and in much-needed law reform.

Rural health

Rural Australians are missing out on healthcare. We will deliver on rural mental health by investing heavily in prevention and properly funding more mental health services in rural areas.


The next phase of the Greens fully costed plan to improve dental care will extend this program to all Western Australians over the next five years.


Families in Western Australia are struggling to find affordable, flexible childcare.  The sector needs support if it is going to meet the needs of the community.  It can’t simply keep raising fees to cover costs – as this would mean many Western Australians couldn’t afford this vital service.

Authorised by Jess McColl & Trish Cowcher, the Greens (WA), Ground Floor 445 Hay St Perth