“I followed Senator Ludlam’s work for a number of years. It is marked by a persistent personal commitment and imaginative policy making and offers a beacon of promise for Western Australia’s future. In moving logically and persuasively to a fully renewable energy based society Senator Ludlam also presents a practical and necessary model to the nation, and to other countries around the world.”

Professor Peter Droege, Chair of the World Council for Renewable Energy

The Greens' plan for Australia's future

The Greens federal election platform ‘Standing up for what matters’ outlines the Australian Greens agenda and policies for the nation including a plan to raise an extra $42.7 billion to care for Australians and our unique environment. This package offers WA a once in a lifetime opportunity to make the shift we need for long lasting prosperity, for all.

Future Jobs for WA

Our economy is in transition. The mining boom is coming to an end and WA is unprepared. The Greens are the only party with a plan to create secure jobs for Western Australians. Abbott, Barnett and Labor have bet everything on the boom and are completely unprepared for what to do as the mining boom winds down.

A cutting edge economy — Boosting Research and Development

The Greens recognise that a diverse, creative and resilient economy is the guarantee we need for a prosperous society beyond the resources boom.  Our economy is facing serious challenges as the world moves beyond simply consuming our resources. Trailblazing innovation will be critical to our future prosperity, and caring for workers requires government to invest in the jobs of the future - today.

Why So Empty?

The Why So Empty campaign makes the case for using the substantial - and often beautiful - stockpile of existing empty buildings revitalise our cities and towns, and kick-start economic opportunity for small business and creative enterprises.

Standing up for small business

The Australian Greens have announced a plan to ease the pressure on small business by expanding tax breaks and strengthening the role of the national Small Business Commissioner.

The Greens' plan to lower the company tax rate from 30% to 28% for companies with turnovers of less than $2 million dollars will be a huge boost for small business in Western Australia.


Authorised by Jess McColl & Trish Cowcher, the Greens (WA), Ground Floor 445 Hay St Perth