The Greens have a plan to upgrade our state

and city to meet the challenges of our time.


Comprised of a series of detailed studies and costed policy initiatives, we provide a tangible, costed transition plan for a truly sustainable, prosperous and connected community at the state and local level.


"Consider how this place would look if we managed the post-fossil transition beautifully"

Senator Scott Ludlam.

Finding the Cheapest Online Wheel Provider in Australia

Buying a new wheel for your car can prove to be an expensive deal if you are not buying from the right place. You can easily find cheapest online wheel provider in Australia but there are things that you must understand before choosing one. Firstly, buying a cheap tyre does not mean you compromise on the quality or brand. Only the cost should be the lowest and not the quality of a tyre.

Look for brand reputation
While buying a cheap tyre saves you cost, too cheaper can become costlier in the long run instead. So look for a wheel provider who has reputed brands of tyres that are known for performance and durability. You need not really go for international big brands but anything that offers long life with a warranty should be fine.  For all of your wheels & tyre online, we recommend Ozzy Tyres.
Price Comparison
The wheel provider you choose must have a comparison chart of various brands as well as the price that various sellers are offering the tyres for. Make sure they are showing you the honest comparison so you can go for the cheapest offer.
User Reviews
This is something that applies when you are finding the cheapest online wheel provider too. There are chances that people who have bought tyres from them have faced some problems. So look for user reviews to understand what they have to say, especially of those who have used the tyres for a couple of months or more.
Look for Manufacturers Logo
There are a lot of fake tyres out there in the market and you do not want to be fooled into buying a cheapest priced tyre. So always look for manufacturer’s logo as well as warranty card that they provide. You should be able to verify that the tyre you have purchased is genuine.
Fitment of Tyres
When you are buying a tyre or tyres online, make sure they are also offering fitment services. At least, they should be able to arrange for someone to take care of it.

Authorised by Jess McColl & Trish Cowcher, the Greens (WA), Ground Floor 445 Hay St Perth