The Greens believe that Western Australia does not need a gas fracking industry to secure energy for the future and call for a moratorium on gas fracking, at least until the WA government’s inquiry into its impacts is complete.


The Greens are the only party concerned about protecting WA's water supplies from a future shale gas industry. The old parties voted down amendments to protect groundwater from the impacts of shale and tight gas when protections from the coal gas seam industry were legislated with the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Convention Amendment Bill.


Western Australia has the fifth largest reserve of shale gas in the world, concentrated in the Canning Super Basin that underlies a large part of the Kimberley, in the Mid-West and parts of the South-West.

Before assessments of the environmental and public health impacts have even been conducted, and with little consultation, the WA government has offered a range of incentives including over $100 million in unconventional gas exploration subsidies and a 50 per cent royalty reduction for the industry.


These funds would be far better directed to the development of sustainable energy options (including base load-capable solar thermal and wave power).  These largely untapped energy sources can provide clean competitive energy that does not pollute the environment, but rather enhances the viability of WA’s regional economies.


Authorised by Chris Dickinson & Adam Duncan, the Greens (WA), Ground Floor 445 Hay St Perth