The Perth Greenways initiative will introduce a new network of protected regionally significant natural habitats linked together with a new ‘urban forest’ that will be within walking distance to all of Perth’s residents, increasing our contact with nature, and our protection of places that are too precious to lose.

Perth Faces an Urgent Tipping Point

Our city is located in one of the world’s biodiversity hotspots, yet more than 75% of our original urban bushland is now lost, 601 species are threatened with extinction, and 80% of our original wetlands have now been drained and filled. The Perth Greenways Initiative comes at an urgent time, and draws on world’s best practice to introduce green corridors that will improve the quality of life in our cities and urban areas, and ensure that our precious urban wildlife is preserved for future generations.

7 Things the Greenways Plan Offers You!

The Greens have a vision for Perth to become a city that is home to a new and continuous network of urban forests, bushland, wetlands and parks that everyone can access, that are safe to walk or ride through, and that are protected for future generations. The Greenways initiative provides dedicated funding and a clear strategy to transform our city and provide the missing link in our infrastructure and planning system.  Similar initiatives have been introduced in many other cities including Sydney, the City of Melbourne, Singapore and New York, and could be readily implemented in Perth given the political will and vision.

Top Ten Places Under Threat Right Now

The study identified the potential number of new dwellings that could fit into existing underdeveloped or neglected areas along seven of Perth’s 18 main transport corridors pegged for development as future rapid transit or light  rail corridors.

Urban Bushland Video

Watch the Urban Bushland Council video on Perth's urban bushland.

Authorised by Chris Dickinson & Adam Duncan, the Greens (WA), Ground Floor 445 Hay St Perth