The Greens higher education budget initiative will increase base funding for Australian universities by 10 per cent or $1.474 billion, and to reverse the recent $2.3 billion university budget cuts.


In Western Australia, the Greens plan would deliver a $296.2 million funding boost to West Australian universities and protect university students from a potential debt increase of $67 million, over the next four years.


Our plan will increase base funding for universities in West Australia by 10 per cent or $184.8 million.


And reverse the cuts that took $111.4 million in base funding from West Australian universities.


The Greens will reverse the cuts to Student Start-Up Scholarships - freeing Western Australian university students from the extra $67 million in debt they’d otherwise endure over the next four years.

In detail:


As well as the $111.4 million reinstated by The Greens for Western Australian universities by reversing the Labor-Liberal funding cuts, under The Greens policy WA universities will gain the following amounts additional of base funding over four years:


Curtin University                                  $53.9 million

Edith Cowan University                          $39.2 million

Murdoch University                                $26.7 million

The University of Notre Dame                 $15.2 million

The University of Western Australia          $49.8 million


A total of $184.8 million more base funding for universities in Western Australia


The Federal Government’s conversion of Start Up Scholarships to loans will cause significant debt increases for students in Western Australia.  By reversing this decision, The Greens will save WA students from the following estimated debt increases over the next four years:


Curtin University students            $25,690,441

Edith Cowan University students   $14,669,479

Murdoch University students         $11,969,359

U.W.A students                          $14,831,167


The Greens’ plan to reinstate the Start Up Scholarships will save WA students from an estimated $67,160,446 in debt over four years.



“If we want to be the clever country we must properly resource our universities and students.”

Authorised by Chris Dickinson & Adam Duncan, the Greens (WA), Ground Floor 445 Hay St Perth