Homelessness in Western Australia

has reached a crisis point.


There is no reason why in a state as rich as ours any Western Australian should be going without the basic human right of shelter, but one in every 200 of us are on any given night.


WA now has the most expensive housing in the country and our support services to help people who are experiencing homelessness or at risk of falling through the cracks – many of them private renters – are not keeping up. On any given day 53 requests for help are going unmet. Services on the ground providing important care and accommodation simply do not have enough funding and are turning thousands of people away each year.


In WA on any given night:

• There are 9575 people experiencing homelessness

• 927 people are sleeping rough. This is almost 10% of our homeless population and is much higher than the national average of 6%

• 23% are couch surfing (higher than the national average of 17%)

• Only 10% are in supported accommodation (half the national average of 20%)

• 25% are under 18 years old

• 4152 used specialist homelessness services


The main reasons for homelessness in WA are domestic violence and relationship issues (44%), financial difficulties (20%), and accommodation issues/housing crisis (18%).


The Greens Homelessness Action Plan has three priorities:


• Double the current funding for specialist homelessness services

This would provide an extra $100m for services in WA and mean no one is turned away from housing or health

and support services


• Provide an emergency package to build a home for every rough sleeper in WA

This would provide $216 million in WA to build 927 new homes built in WA as a matter of urgency


• Include a 50% target of prefabricated or quick build housing to significantly reduce the time and cost of building the homes


The Greens are the only party who has not turned their backs on the most vulnerable. It’s time to fix the housing crisis, starting with those most urgently in need.



“Our plan approaches homelessness on two levels. We must properly resource services and crisis accommodation for homeless people, and at the same time deliver affordable housing to eliminate homelessness in the longer term.”

Authorised by Jess McColl & Trish Cowcher, the Greens (WA), Ground Floor 445 Hay St Perth