The Greens (WA) Future Forests initiative will see native forests in the South‐West of the state protected from logging, with plantation and farm forestry grown to a thriving industry.


Recent research shows we have enough plantation timber to meet Australia’s timber needs. This means there is no longer any need to log the South‐West native forests that West Australians love.


Our native forests are extremely valuable. Scientific research shows native forests are among the best kind of carbon store, invaluable in fighting climate change. They play a vital role in providing clean air, clean water and rainfall. Our native forests are also home to threatened species like the numbat. Their outstanding beauty and biodiversity value makes them a tourist magnet and feeds the South‐West tourism industry.


According to a recent report, we could earn more from managing our native forests as carbon stores, than we currently do from logging them. In the past, the main drivers of native forest logging were the need for timber and the need for jobs. However, there is a serious question mark over the viability of the native forest industry, and uncertainty about the sustainability of those jobs. Further, under the accounting rules of the next Kyoto period, there will be a price put on emissions from native forest logging.


There is thus an urgent need to change direction in WA’s forest policy. We believe our native forests are worth more standing than they are cut down. The Greens’ Future Forests initiative will both conserve the ecosystem services of our native forests, and ensure we are producing sustainable timber and creating long‐term jobs in a viable forestry industry.



Authorised by Chris Dickinson & Adam Duncan, the Greens (WA), Ground Floor 445 Hay St Perth