“Light rail will transform the way our city works: it’s time we got on board.”

What light rail could do for Perth

Light rail will be the catalyst and key to the success and viability of the vision we showed in our Transforming Perth report. It can turn main roads into vibrant liveable high streets, and if run on renewable energy can reduce our dependence on fossil fuel. Who wouldn’t want a cheaper, more efficient city, with fast, clean public transport from door to door?

Where should it go?

The proposed layout of our Greater Perth Light Rail Network plan focuses on delivering high quality service to areas of Perth in dire need of accessible public transport, especially to areas of high automobile dependence and areas of concentrated low incomes, health care and disability access issues, and housing affordability.

How we're going to make it happen

A brief history of the Greens’ involvement in the Light Rail campaign and what comes next!

Rail at Risk (under Barnett and Abbott)

After finally winning the campaign at home, now we are fighting to make sure that an Abbott government does not crash the project, with his bizarre short sighted commitment not to fund any urban rail projects - $500 million of federal funding for WA’s light rail and public transport is directly at risk!

Authorised by Chris Dickinson & Adam Duncan, the Greens (WA), Ground Floor 445 Hay St Perth