The Greens care about the rights of renters. We are working for a better deal for the one in every three households in Australia who rent their homes. We’ve proposed a set of minimum standards for rental properties and funding to help landlords upgrade their properties to meet them.


“In an increasingly tight housing market, it is time we improved the rights and conditions of people who live in rental properties.”



Millions of Australians are renters but there is no national standard that protects their rights or ensures quality, choice or fairness in the overstretched market.


The Greens renters’ rights initiative will introduce a new national minimum standard for rental tenancies, to make rental properties safer, more efficient and more affordable. We have national standards that cover our health and education system – our housing system should be no different.

Authorised by Jess McColl & Trish Cowcher, the Greens (WA), Ground Floor 445 Hay St Perth