The Greens Solar Powered Social Housing initiative will provide solar power panels and smart meters to 30,000 social houses, to ease the cost of living on our most vulnerable and to provide a sustainable solution to our growing energy needs.



The WA government recently announced a solar-panel pilot program for public housing to install solar PV panels on 500 properties at a cost of $1m. This is inadequate and underwhelming and lacks a long term commitment.


The Greens plan would see 1.5kW solar systems installed on the roofs of every public and community housing dwelling across the state (approximately 30,000 homes), and would bring down the cost of living through reducing the cost of electricity by an average of $500 a year.


This will dramatically assist reducing the state’s carbon emissions and also boost the solar energy industry in WA.



A win, win, win situation


With a relatively small investment, the government can provide a boost to the budget bottom line of thousands of pensioners and families while at the same time reducing the state’s carbon emissions.


The Greens recognise the state government has a much stronger role to play in providing leadership in sustainability and improving community assets they manage. This program is an initiative that could form part of a long term structural change to improve our entire affordable housing system. It puts money back in the pockets of tenants through energy savings.


The cost of the project would be $68 million spread over three years, based on $2000 for a 1.5km system, plus the cost of a smart meter.


Authorised by Chris Dickinson & Adam Duncan, the Greens (WA), Ground Floor 445 Hay St Perth