Labor wants to slash university funding by more than $2.3 billion and push students further into debt. The Coalition supports these cuts.


The Greens are the only party standing with staff and students in the campaign to stop the dumb cuts.


While Labor and Liberal plan to slash university funding and force students into further debt, the Greens have a fully costed plan to boost public funding by 10 per cent, or $1.474 billion over the next four years, as recommended by the Bradley Review in 2008.


Our plan would provide WA universities with an extra $296.2 million over four years by boosting base funding by 10% and reversing the cuts that already took $111.4 million from West Australian universities, meaning:


• Curtin University funding up $53.9 million

• Edith Cowan University funding up $39.2 million

• Murdoch University funding up $26.7 million

• University of Notre Dame funding up $15.2 million

• University of Western Australia funding up $49.8 million


To make things worse, the Federal Government’s conversion of Start Up Scholarships to loans means that WA students will be a further $67 million in debt over the next four years.


That will mean that students who start university in 2014 will owe between $6000 and $12,000 more for their degree.


Don’t let Abbott and Rudd get away with these dumb cuts.


“If we want to be the clever country we must properly resource our universities and students.”

Senator Scott Ludlam

Authorised by Chris Dickinson & Adam Duncan, the Greens (WA), Ground Floor 445 Hay St Perth