The Greens (WA) want a nuclear-free world and the elimination of nuclear weapons through a Nuclear Weapons Convention. The Greens believe that there are unacceptable environmental, health, security and social costs associated with every facet of the nuclear industry. We believe that alternatives to nuclear energy exist today which make the nuclear power industry obsolete.


Given there is no long-term storage or isolation solution for nuclear waste, we should not continue to produce it. Solutions to Australia's production of radioactive waste and its long-term safe storage, transport and management must be decided upon through transparent, deliberative, consensual, science and evidence-based approaches.


With the 'Wiluna' uranium project and a host of others proceeding through state approvals processes, we see our role in Western Australia being the banning of the product at source. As we did for asbestos, the mining of uranium must be banned to protect worker and public health, water and air quality, and Aboriginal heritage and access to country.


The Greens (WA) have had a bill in State Parliament for more than a decade to ban uranium mining, and we resolve to continue advocating for this reform until it becomes law.

Authorised by Chris Dickinson & Adam Duncan, the Greens (WA), Ground Floor 445 Hay St Perth