The proposed layout of the Greater Perth Light Rail Network focuses on delivering high quality service to areas of Perth in dire need of accessible public transport, especially to areas of high automobile dependence and areas of concentrated low incomes, health care and disability access issues, and housing affordability.


The proposed network would supplement the existing heavy rail network with spur and loop lines to population centres adjacent to stations. The building of the Perth to Mandurah line brought attention to the 'park and ride stations' which destroyed valuable urban bushland and are already over capacity; the light rail feeder lines will make it easier for many people to get to connecting rail services without driving at all.


Phased introduction of light rail routes can work in concert with the introduction of more direct high frequency bus services across the whole network, establishing routes and priority lanes that can be progressively converted to light rail as budgets permit.


Feedback in public meetings and mail outs has shown that Perth residents want easier, faster travel between suburbs through cross-city light rail routes.


Common themes were the need for links to or between major shopping centres, universities and TAFEs, hospitals and major medical facilities, recreation facilities, beaches and even national parks. Other issues raised were sufficient frequency of services, provision of adequate shelters, ability for elderly, people with prams, bicycles or a disability to be able to access the vehicles, and assurance that the system would be easy and cheap to use.


The Greens propose that further public participation be undertaken to establish the actual rail layout and the order of priority, through deliberative processes as described in Section Fifteen of the full report.


The track layouts shown in the Light Rail Report are indicative only, being possible ways of connecting transit oriented developments with each other, and with existing public transport nodes. It presupposes a reorientation of the bus feeder network, displacing some routes and requiring the realignment of timetables and route planning.


Authorised by Chris Dickinson & Adam Duncan, the Greens (WA), Ground Floor 445 Hay St Perth